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Firstly, we're so glad that you could join us for church online, you are so very welcome.

It's the 5th Sunday in Lent and it is so good to be able to join together as a church. Whether it is today or at some point during the week, our prayer is that you are able to find a few moments to use all or some of the content, worship and the messaging we have put together for Sunday 29th March. 

The format and content below are aimed to feel familiar as if we were meeting together at our St. Thomas' venue on Sundays. It's completely up to you whether you follow it in one session or use the full week.  


In the time that Jesus was on earth, ministering and leading His disciples, it was common for Rabbis or Teachers to have distinctive marks or traits of their ministry. Rabbis might be known for a specific theology or practical ministry. Jesus explains in the Book of John the type of characteristic that His followers are to be known by.

The Book of John - Chapter 13, Verse 35 

"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love and unselfish concern for one another"


In our Sunday gatherings, we usually have a time of sung worship. Please feel free to listen to the songs below, or use them as part of your worship.

There is a mixture of familiar songs new ones that will hopefully inspire, and each song has the lyrics within the video.

Goodness of God
Goodness of God

Songs sourced from Music Meet Heaven

What is Christianity all about?
Jesus, my treasure
Jesus, my treasure
Who you say I am
Who you say I am
There is a cloud
There is a cloud

WORSHIP - prayer

Loving Father,


We marvel at the news each day, of people affected in so many ways by the coronavirus pandemic. 


We remember before you:


the families of those who’ve died - be their comforter


those who are currently suffering from the virus and their families - be their hope and healing


those who are vulnerable or isolated at this time - be their companion and ever-present help


those who are worried or anxious - be their peace

those who are working on the frontline - protect them we pray as they care for others


those who have difficult decisions to make - grant them your wisdom and compassion. 


And may we all, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, become powerfully aware of you walking with us in this difficult season and take comfort from your presence. 


May your grace and peace be with us all throughout the coming week. 


In Jesus’ name,




If you have a request for prayer, please let us know by emailing and we will make sure our team includes your prayer request in our prayers.


  1. Please keep in your prayers anyone at home, through self-isolation or from a pre-existing situation.

  2. All meetings at our St Thomas' Centre will be paused as we follow governmental advice and restrict larger gatherings.

  3. We continue to be a church community built on faith, hope and most importantly, love.

  4. If you would like a phone call or video call from one of our team during this period of restricted meeting, let us know and we will coordinate that.


Laura Hogarth, a member of our Leadership team, brings this week's message which is part of our Lent series.


During the Message element of our Sunday gatherings, we have a dedicated team that provide activities for our young people. Head over to the Kid Church page so that you and the family can join in

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in this online approach to church, we pray that this has helped keep you connected and provided a little bit of structure as we focus on and trust God.

If you'd like any more contact or prayer, please get in touch via the Connect Page or email on

God Bless.


An opportunity to give

Whether you're part of our regular community or whether it's your first interaction with City Church Preston, you're able to give towards the work of the church.


We've made an online giving option available, just click on the Giving Page button below, or choose a gift amount right here. 

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