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Sunday Service

Oct 2023


Welcome to our final online pre-recorded Sunday Service. For nearly 18 months we've been able to share an expression of faith, worship, prayer, and lean into a message from a full spectrum of our team. We're o thrilled that you've been able to connect with us. With social distancing measures in England being removed in coming days, we're going to be ceasing this type of media, and instead meeting together at 11:00 on Sundays at our St. Thomas building, but don't worry, we're going to start live streaming our Sunday Services. As we join together for church, it is our pray that you hear God's voice clearly, are comforted by His love and move towards a closer trust in God.



Whether you're part of our regular community or whether it's your first interaction with City Church Preston, you're able to give towards the work of the church.


We've made an online giving option available, just click on the Giving button below to choose a gift amount as a one-off or recurring gift. 

Thank you

Thank you for joining us in this online approach to church, we pray that this has helped keep you connected and provided a little bit of structure as we focus on and trust God.

If you'd like any more contact or prayer, please get in touch via the Connect Page or email on

God Bless.

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