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About us

We are a vibrant church and extremely active in the local community. We have people within our community from across the globe, from varying background and experiences.​


We are a church that is part of the Assemblies of God, Great Britain and part of the Evangelical Alliance.

Our leadership team are mostly volunteers and they lead the church's activities in all areas, supported by Rev. Duncan Allton, our Associate Pastor and headed up by our Lead Pastor, Rev. Paul Counsell. As a registered charity and limited company, our Trustees and Directors guide the church and ensure that our community acts in accordance with the law, strong morals and is ethically sound.


Following a number of years as a community that met in the Preston North End Football Club, the Guild Hall and other similar venues, we we're thrilled by God's goodness and favour as we bought outright a new venue. 

Historically our new venue was St. Thomas' Church, part of the Church of England, it is now used by our community of City Church Preston. Our community is the church and so we've named the building we use, St. Thomas' Centre.

It is our hope that St. Thomas' Centre is a resource to our community and the wider city.

What is Christianity all about?

The message at the heart of Christianity is pretty simple, reconnecting humanity with a loving God.

Who is Jesus?

He’s the Christ. The King whom God himself had promised to send, who would put everything right by setting up a kingdom of justice and love.

He’s also the Son of God. God himself, entering the world as a human being.
Jesus proved who he was by what he did. He healed people. He calmed storms. He raised the dead.
By doing these things, the King was giving a glimpse of life in his kingdom. A perfect place, with no suffering, fear or death. It’s the world we all want.

Why did Jesus come

To be rejected, but many people rejected Jesus. They thought they’d be happier making their own rules and living outside his kingdom. This rejection of the King is something we all do. Jesus called it sin.

It damages our lives and will eventually leave us separated from the joy of being in the kingdom.

God won’t let those who reject the King live with him. So we face what Jesus called hell. An existence without anything good, forever.

Why did Jesus come? – To be killed

People rejected the King so violently that they killed him by nailing him to a cross. But his death wasn’t a mistake by God – it was a masterstroke.

On the cross, Jesus was cut off from God’s friendship and goodness. He chose to experience hell – so that we don’t have to. The sinless King died to take the punishment sin deserves.

Jesus was opening the way into his kingdom.

Why did Jesus come – To rise again

Three days after his execution, his tomb was found to be empty. Over the next few weeks, many ate with Jesus. Dozens spoke with him. Hundreds saw him. Jesus the King could not be contained by death.

He had risen!

What does this mean for us?

So, today, right now, Jesus is inviting people to come into his kingdom. He tells us to repent and believe the good news.

Repent means to turn around, to live with Jesus in charge instead of ourselves. Believe means to trust that Jesus has done everything we need to give us a place in his kingdom.

Living with Jesus as King isn’t easy. His followers will be rejected, just as he was. But they also live a life of deep security, satisfaction, and joy, knowing God and his forgiveness, being helped by his Spirit, and looking forward to the King’s return, when he will finally establish his loving kingdom forever.

Jesus offers all this to anyone and everyone who repents and believes.

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