JJ's is our kid's church and the team have put together the resource below so that you can follow along, or you download the resource to use at any time throughout the week.

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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Object lesson

Check this video out!

QUestion TIME

1. What was the ladies name and what was her job/what did she enjoy doing?

2. What happened to her?

3. What did Peter do?

4. What can we learn from this? How can we be like Tabitha? Activity Tabitha liked to help others; giving, making and looking after them. Peter helped


Tabitha liked to help others; giving, making and looking after them. Peter helped Tabitha by giving her her life back!

Wow! I wonder how you can help someone today?

Can you make a gift and send it in the post to cheer someone up?

Or how about praying for someone you know?


My final activity for this week is to make a piece of clothing; a hat, a scarf or use an old tshirt and redesign it perhaps.

See how creative you can be and why not write on it acts 9v36; ‘she was always doing good and helping the poor’. Ps. it doesn't need to be for you, it could be for a doll, teddy or your pet cat!

Children Praying

Prayer time

Thank you, God for Tabitha's heart to give and be kind. Please help me to become more like Tabitha. Please also help me to have the boldness and faith that Peter had to pray for people to be made well again. Thank you, God for my family and friends. Thank you for all the gifts you have put inside of me. Please keep everyone safe.


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