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JJ's is our kid's church and the team have put together all the resources below so that you can follow along!

Welcome to Kids Church

Can you believe that we’re only a month away from Christmas? Have you got your tree up yet? Christmas is an exciting time of year because we get to hear a story of Gods love for his people and a plan which involves us. So today we are going to focus on that theme of love and prepare ourselves for the next few weeks of hearing and reading about the Christmas story.

Children Praying


God as we sit down to listen, watch, and learn today, may you be with us all and teach us more about you.


Thank you for the love of all the friends and family that surrounds me.


task time - whoop!

Younger kids:

  1. Can you collect 10 things in the home which are red?

  2. Can you spell out the word love on the floor using these objects?

  3. Can you think of 3 ways to show someone you love them?

Older kids

1. Can you move the letters around to work out these anagrams;

  • gofiver

  • hrase

  • bermemre

2. How many ways can you think of to show love to someone else?

sung worship

for Our younger kids

younger & older kids

our older kids


have a look

just right for under 7's

for our 8+ peeps

lean in & learn

The Bible teaches us to love one another. Not because if we don’t we won’t get to Heaven, but because we are all made in God's image and because God loves each one of us; not just certain people. God wants us to look after each other and help those who are struggling. He showed us how to do this by sending Jesus who lived his life helping others (some of which weren’t liked by some people). Jesus forgave, shared, spent time with and did not judge those people. What a challenge for us today!!

get creative

Younger children can you make a bookmark or picture to send someone you love?

Or How about trying to make the hearts on this clip with parental help? 

Older kids why not have a go at either the heart above or one of these; 

Or with permission from your parent can you record a message on their phone for a grandparent or relative to tell them you are thinking of them and love them. They will love to see your face and hear your voice I’m sure.

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