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In our Sunday gatherings, we usually have a time of sung worship. Please feel free to listen to the songs below, or use them as part of your worship.

We're making use of a special Easter worship set that Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes have provided to the global church.

What is Christianity all about?

WORSHIP - prayer


If you have a request for prayer, please let us know by emailing and we will make sure our team includes your prayer request in our prayers.


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  1. Please keep in your prayers anyone at home, through self-isolation or from a pre-existing situation.

  2. All meetings at our St Thomas' Centre will be paused as we follow governmental advice and restrict larger gatherings.

  3. We continue to be a church community built on faith, hope and most importantly, love.

  4. If you would like a phone call or video call from one of our team during this period of restricted meeting, let us know and we will coordinate that.


Whether you're part of our regular community or whether it's your first interaction with City Church Preston, you're able to give towards the work of the church.


We've made an online giving option available, just click on the Giving button below to choose a gift amount as a one-off or recurring gift. 

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We have a special Easter Sunday message for all the family, brought this week by Sarah Maltby.


Thank you for joining us on this Easter Sunday morning! We pray that this has helped keep you connected and provided a little bit of structure as we focus on and trust God.

If you'd like any more contact or prayer, please get in touch via the Connect Page or email on

God Bless.

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